BOTLR consumes for text-based conversational services. BOTLR does event-driven analysis with Artificial Intelligence. BOTLR supports over 12 popular customer acquisition channels for e-sourcing. From bots, for a simple use-case such as generating traffic, to customer support, order placement, to e-commerce multi-channel fulfillment, BOTLR can help conversational services using text-based analysis.

Machine learning is a form of intelligence that enables programs learn progressively as they are fed increasing amounts of data that yields a richer understanding over time. Benefits of using AI for sourcing - Harness advertising and marketing talents, Minimize consumer acquisition prices, More business opportunities. Deploying bots for RFQs can benefit a supplier by taking part in e-sourcing process with minimal requirements. This in return offers a clearer framework of how the company is going to market products on the platform.


Tap into all these channels with a simple API

Accessible through our unified API and built-in integrations, instantly connect with your users and customers over various channels, without having to worry about adapting to each one. Access new markets, reduce time to ship, and build the best experiences for your customers.
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